EFD data products

       The EFD is designed to measure electric field fluctuations within the broad frequency range of DC to 3.5 MHz, divided into 4 channels: ULF (DC–16 Hz), ELF (6 Hz–2.2 kHz), VLF (1.8 kHz–20 kHz) and HF (18 kHz–3.5 MHz) (not available). The sampling rates of the channels are 125 Hz, 5 kHz, 50 kHz and 10 MHz, respectively. The resolution of the EFD is 1 μV·m-1·Hz-1/2 at frequencies from DC to 16 Hz, and the sensitivity is 0.1 μV·m-1·Hz-1/2 at frequencies from 6 Hz to 2.2 kHz, 0.05 μV·m-1·Hz-1/2 in the band 1.8 kHz to 20 kHz, and 0.1μV·m-1·Hz-1/2 from 20 kHz to 3.5 MHz. The dynamic range from DC to 20 kHz is over 120 dB, and over 96 dB from 20 kHz to 3.5 MHz. The EFD has two observation modes: survey mode and burst mode. The survey mode concentrates primarily on electric field power density values; the burst mode provides high sampling rate waveform data.