SCM data products

The search coil magnetometer (SCM) is the one of the three EM field measurement payloads aboard CSES. It aims to measure the magnetic field fluctuation of low-frequency EM waves in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz. the SCM data include three frequency band waveforms and/or power spectral density (PSD) data, i.e., ultra-low-frequency band (ULF, 10–200 Hz) data with a 1024-Hz sampling rate, extremely low frequency band (ELF, 200–2200 Hz) data with a 10.24-kHz sampling rate, and very low frequency band (VLF, 1.8–20 kHz) data with a 51.2-kHz sampling rate. The scientific data file uses the hierarchical data format (HDF), and their corresponding figures use the portable network graphics (PNG) format.